Red Light Juliet Broadcast 2

Steady Straight Lights
Sudden Dark Turns
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To Any And Everyone Who Gives A Shit:

People keep asking me why I release these Red Light Juliet EP's on as opposed to the industry standard iTunes or even a physical copy.  The answer is simple. Weerd Science is as "Ma and pop" as it gets.  We are completely 100% self sufficient and to us that's a huge deal.

One of the byproducts of being so small and without a label is that every single dollar we make gets funneled right back into the project to make the next record.  With iTunes we wouldn't see enough of our own profit to even make the next installment.  Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's just the way it is.

Fortunately, with we are able to

A) let our music that we've poured our hearts and souls into be heard sooner than later and

B) actually see enough of the money that YOU GUYS spend to put it right back to work for the next Weerd Science release.

That's it guys. Just like the first RLJ EP we want to release a limited edition CD but it all depends on how we do on Your support last time was a steadying breath of fresh air for us and I was so overwhelmed with excitement I literally started working on part 2 the day part 1 came out! Weerd Science, through all the ups and downs, has been so important to me. I swear to each and every person that ever gave it a listen or let it speak to them you are family to me/us. So this isn't some fucked up sales pitch where I say "Fuck corporate America, but buy my stuff from this corporation!"

We aren't a business. Believe me we try but ultimately we are 3 friends that live to make these hip hop records and love that there is enough of an audience that we actually get to do this! So, this is just a reminder to our friends and families that keep this project alive of why it's important to support us at We sincerely hope you guys that haven't yet give Bandcamp a try. Dirty Ern had to talk me into it and I'm glad he did. Bandcamp is the shit. Imagine that, the money you spend on someone's art actually ends up in the hands of the artists! Wow revolutionary!!

With you guys through your steady straight lights and your sudden dark turns always,
Weerd Science

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